360 Deloraine Avenue

177 Sandringham Drive

110 Joicey Boulevard

632 Woburn Avenue

209 Haddington Avenue

127 Barse Street

278 St. Germain Avenue

113 Haddington Ave

330 Brooke Avenue

31 Charnwood Place

164 Dunblaine Avenue

365 Joicey Blvd

92 Chaplin Cres

1 Clark Ave W 304

592 Brookdale Ave

138 Combe Ave

254 Elm Rd

225 Poyntz Ave

217 Florence Ave

St Germain Ave

301 Franklin Ave

517 Cranbrooke Ave

20 Northern Heights

361 Bedford Park

514 Cranbrooke Ave

75 Burncrest Dr

544 Pleasant Ridge Ave

66 Bannockburn

52 Lexfield Ave

60 Carmel St

21 Ridley Blvd

369 Old Orchard Grove

7 Banncockburn Ave

704 Woburn Ave

20 Deloraine Ave

58 Burgesse Cres

20 Thoredale Ave

477 Deloraine Ave

373 Joicey Blvd

52 Carmichael Ave

19 Featherwood Dr

241 Joicey Blvd

76 Haddington Ave

35 Albertus Ave

62 Firewood Dr

365 Brooke Ave

101 Bombay Ave

24 Forest Ridge Dr

355 Fairlawn Ave

222 Fairlawn Ave

60 Burncrest Dr

47 Warwick Ave

115 Winding Lane

514 Cranbrooke Ave

180 Haddington Ave

43 Ridell Ave

296 Brooke Ave

Welcome to the Suzy Goldstein Team

Suzy Goldstein and her wonderful team of professionals, who's aim is to build on relationships, achieving exceptional sales results and client satisfaction through industry leading, innovative marketing and listing services.


The Suzy Goldstein Team have the privilege of selling many fine homes and properties on behalf of our clients. Our success starts by understanding the uniqueness of our clients and their property's. We design an action plan based on our client's individual needs and timelines.


Our service and expertise aims to deliver refreshing real estate results that make a difference and drive sales. Our approach ensures that no detail is overlooked and no sales opportunity missed.


Have a Question regarding real estate, re-design, or renovation? Suzy Goldstein and The Suzy Goldstein Team is here to help. Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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