Finding Your Dream Home in Mississauga

From luxurious condos and simplistic townhomes to beautiful single-family homes in a more rural setting, Mississauga real estate is a diverse thing with an option to fit almost every buyer persona. If you plan to invest in a new home in the area, it is not hard to find homes that could be worthy of that "dream home" designation. However, shopping for a new home is not something to be taken lightly. There are actually several ways you can make sure you find the best home for your budget, your lifestyle, and your long-term goals.

1. Get a pre-approval before you start shopping. 

Getting a pre-approval from a mortgage lender is something a buyer should do before they even start looking at Mississauga real estate options. If you have a pre-approval, you will know what your price ranges are, which will make all the difference as to what kinds of homes you should spend time considering. You can hand this pre-approval over to a real estate agent, and they will do all they can to track down home options that fall within your price range and meet the criteria you have in mind. 

2. Bigger homes are not always better choices. 

You find a rather large house with lots of extra space, and the price point seems fair. Before you extend an offer, you have to consider if a bigger home is really the best choice. It is easy to get caught up in the idea of having more room than you will know what to do with, but that alone can eventually be an issue. All that space means more home maintenance, more energy consumption, and more money over the long term. On your search for the best Mississauga real estate, preferred home size is something you should actually pin down before you start shopping and stick to rather closely. 

3. Shop with your brain and not with your heart. 

Buying a house for sale in Mississauga is an exciting thing. You get to explore empty houses and try to picture your future life inside, which can bring about a lot of emotions in itself. It is all too easy to fall in love with a house, condo, or townhouse for sale Mississauga and lose your logical thoughts almost immediately. It is extremely important to reign in your heart and shop instead with your brain. For instance, you may spot a Victorian-era beauty that makes your heart skip a beat, but if you shove that infatuation out of the way, you will see the home is not priced where it should be and needs a lot of work. 

4. Stalking out the neighbourhood is actually a good thing. 

You can do a lot of investigative research and find out a lot of details about any given area when you are shopping for Mississauga homes for sale. However, there is nothing quite the same as actually immersing yourself in a neighbourhood on some level to see what it would really be like to live there. This may sound like a difficult feat, but really it is not. Something as simple as parking your car nearby and taking a stroll around the block can yield a lot of insight into what life would really be like as a resident. For example, you will see: 

  • how much traffic travels through the area
  • how much commotion is taking place outside of homes
  • whether there are homes that look dilapidated and unkempt 

If you find a condo townhouse for sale in Mississauga or a home that you are serious about, take the time to get to know the area on a more firsthand basis before you make an offer. 

5. Hiring a home inspector is one of the wisest decisions you will ever make. 

Hiring a home inspector may actually be a requirement set forth by your mortgage lender, but even if it is not, it is always a wise investment to have a home properly and professionally assessed before you decide it is the right home for you. This inspection will tell you all about the inner-workings of a house and any apparent problems you may have to contend with down the road. You can avoid a lot of later headaches when you know precisely what a home is before you make it yours. 

Work with a Qualified Realtor to Find the Best House for Sale in Mississauga 

One final and often-forgotten tip: do yourself a favor and get yourself a real estate agent who can help you with the process of finding your dream home. An agent can take a lot of work out of the process, make sure you get a fair deal on a home you really like, and make the hoe-buying process overall more satisfying and practical. Reach out to the Suzy Goldstein Team for help finding your new home.  

Suzy Goldstein

September 12, 2019