Prepare Your Home to Sell in the Summer

Finally, the snow has melted, bringing the season of sunshine and sweetness upon us. Especially after spending a few years in isolation, this summer brings extra joy allowing everyone to go outside and enjoy life.

Summers can also be the hottest season in the real estate industry if you are looking to sell. Since everyone can go out, they will want to inspect potential new homes in person and get a lay of the land. The housing market has been hot for the past couple of years in the GTA and is expected to remain high throughout 2022.

Summers in Ontario (and almost all over Canada) can be pretty short-lived. So, if you haven't already started preparing your home for the summer market, here's a brief punch list to help you get started. Following these simple steps will make a significant difference in the perceived value to potential buyers and, ultimately, your financial return.

Deep cleaning

Start by decluttering, dusting, and getting rid of things that make your house look clumsy. Remove all the extra items from your shelves, declutter your kitchen and remove old wall hangings to make the area look more spacious. Make sure you only have necessary and minimal aesthetic items on display. Minimalism is always better than over cluttering. 


It is crucial to do the necessary repairs before you hold an inspection. Look out for broken windows, damaged floor/roof, wall paint peeling off or anything that might make the potential buyers unsatisfied. Fix and repaint cracked walls and ceilings if needed. 

Cool for the summer

To allow buyers to envision themselves living in that house, ensure your home is cool and welcoming. You can start by replacing your linens with white or light-coloured bedding. Next, you can use fresh flowers or diffusers with mild essential oils to ensure your house doesn't smell of cleaning products post your deep clean or, worse, doesn't get stuffy in the Toronto heat. You can also add some indoor plants, this would open up the entire space, and the natural light will add to the ambiance and freshness. 

Curb appeal 

Try to give a polished look to your home at first glance. Start with the basics: trim the bushes, mow the lawn, and arrange some beautiful flowerpots near your front door. Next, clean the front porch and make the entrance to your home look presentable. A beautiful curb will definitely lead to a great first impression.

The Final Setup 

Get a bunch of fresh flowers and place them in a vase on a tabletop. Flowers offer a warm and welcoming energy. You can set them up in your dining area, coffee table, and bedside tables. Focus on small details like styling your bookshelves and hanging up some pretty paintings on the wall. 

Finally, once you're happy with the setup, make sure you do a final walk around the house. This time, put yourself in the buyer's shoes. Is there anything you like or dislike? Note things that stick out for you. If you can notice something that bothers you, the buyer might notice it too.

Sometimes managing all this by yourself can be excruciatingly overwhelming and time-consuming. Therefore, you need experts to guide you through the process. The Suzy Goldstein Team is prepared for the busy summer season. Contact us today to get your house ready for this summer.