Luxury Homes Toronto

Are you ready to see the most beautiful luxury houses for sale in Toronto? Suzy Goldstein and her team are ready to show you the way!

We Know Toronto Luxury Homes

Our team has spent years getting to Toronto. We know the ins and outs of the real estate industry, and we know how to find you the perfect luxury home that suits your individual needs and desires. Tell us your vision—do you want five bathrooms? Maybe you're looking for an ultra-modern home? Perhaps you desire a brand-new build that you can personalize from the ground, up?

No matter your preference, Suzy Goldstein's team is here to help bring your dreams into reality.

What Makes Suzy Goldstein Real Estate Different?

Our team is on your side, constantly searching for homes that are more than just living spaces; they're stories all by themselves. And, they're ready to create long-lasting memories when the right buyers happen upon houses they simply can't resist.

We're Professional

We know our way around Toronto luxury real estate, and we know that you're not interested in wasting your time on homes that are less than perfect. We won't show you homes we don't think you're interested in seeing, and we'll take great care during our searches to ensure each house we show you checks as many boxes on your list as possible.

We know you're busy. That's why we do as much due diligence as possible so you can be excited about every single home we show you.

We Believe in Communication

In Toronto's hot housing market, luxury homes can go quickly. We're always keeping an eye on things, communicating with our clients when need-be, should we feel they need to be updated about changes in sales status, loan approvals, or other urgent situations. We're also always on the lookout for new homes going on the market, and thanks to our extended network of real estate professionals, we may know about your perfect house before the general public does.

We Know This Isn't an Easy Decision

You're spending millions of dollars on a luxury home, so we want to make sure you choose a house that gives you everything you ask for and more. We know it's not an easy decision, so don't be afraid to tell us if a certain house isn't right. But do tell us why! Every bit of feedback you give us will help you hone in on the home of your dreams!

We Have a Solid Network in Place

Even perfect homes often need a bit of personalization. Sometimes, they need maintenance issues fixed, too. Thanks to our well-connected network of professionals, we'll ensure your future luxury home is inspected from top to bottom. Then, we'll work with you to figure out which items need to be fixed by the current owners and which you'd rather do yourself. Sometimes, it's best to leave cosmetic issues alone if you plan to alter certain parts of the house anyway.

Our extended network of home-improvement and maintenance professionals includes:

  • Home inspectors so you can be sure you're not walking into any unexpected problems
  • Appraisers who ensure you're not overpaying for the luxury Toronto home of your dreams
  • Mortgage companies which help make the process of getting a multi-million dollar home loan much easier than it would be if you were going about the process alone
  • Handymen for those minor fixes that are more of an annoyance but need to be remedied
  • General contractors for those major overhaul tasks, such as changing a boxed-in layout into an open floor plan
  • Moving services because moving is never fun, and it only makes sense to hire trusted professionals to deal with your most prized possessions

How to Choose a Luxury Home Realtor in Toronto

This is a big investment, and choosing the right Realtor is just as important as choosing the right home. As you begin your search, keep these thoughts in mind:

1. Start with a quick call

Call a few potential Realtors. You'll quickly get a feel for the type of services they provide based on the way they answer your questions. If you're not happy with the initial call, you probably won't be happy with the service overall.

2. Check reviews

Reviews are a vital research element in today's marketplace. Be sure to read the comments beyond simply looking at the star ratings. It's also important to ask for references. Most reputable luxury home Realtors will happily hand over a few numbers from their client list so you can get a better overall picture of the way different firms handle their services.

3. Ask for referrals

If your friends or family members have worked with a certain Toronto luxury home Realtor previously, ask for recommendations. At Suzy Goldstein, we're proud to have many clients come to us by way of referrals from previous clients.


If you're ready to learn about the luxury homes for sale in Toronto, you're ready to reach out to Suzy Goldstein's team! Contact us so we can welcome you to your new neighbourhood in style!