Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a Townhouse in Richmond Hill

You have scoured through the Richmond Hill real estate listings, but none of the single-family homes appeal to your interests. If you are looking for a place to live that will offer you a few more amenities and maybe a more close-knit community, a townhouse for sale in Richmond Hill may be a good solution. While buying a townhome is a good solution for a lot of people, townhome life is not fitting for every home buyer. To make sure you will be well suited with a townhouse instead of one of the single-family houses for sale Richmond Hill, there is a short list of questions you should ask yourself prior to the shopping process with your real estate agent.

Are you comfortable having an overseeing homeowner's association (HOA)?

One thing that comes along with most townhomes that usually does not come with Richmond Hill houses for sale is an HOA. An HOA will oversee all of the townhouses within the community and may be responsible for things like: 

  • Making rules for the community residents to follow
  • Scheduling and managing property maintenance and repairs 
  • Overseeing community-hosted activities

In many ways, an HOA is similar to a property manager, and this may not be something you want when you buy your own home. However, some people enjoy the idea of having an overseeing entity to help them with certain aspects of maintenance or problems and to keep the community a safe place to live without typical neighborhood or community issues. 

Do you value privacy over amenities?

Privacy can be super important for some home buyers. You may prefer to not have to interact with people when you leave for work in the morning or would rather not share outdoor spaces with your neighbors. If you really do not mind sharing your space as long as you gain access to great amenities, whether it is a pool or community fitness area, a townhouse may be a perfectly fine living space for you. 

Would you prefer to handle maintenance and repairs on your own?

In your search for Richmond Hill real estate that suits your preferences, you may find that townhomes look desirable because property maintenance and repairs tend to come along with the price. However, if you would prefer to handle maintenance and repairs on your own, it may be best to seek a single-family home or private dwelling in the area. 

Do you mind having a communal outdoor area or do you prefer a private space?

Townhouses for sale in Richmond Hill will rarely have their own backyards or large patios. You can find some of these housing units that have their own balconies or small porches for sure. However, the majority of these housing complexes will have shared or communal outdoor spaces. For example, you may have: 

  • A large shared patio or deck behind the townhomes that is shared by all residents
  • A backyard or grassy sitting area where you can relax in the sun 
  • A front yard that belongs to all residents in the townhomes

If you spend a lot of time outdoors and prefer to have your own private outdoor space, a townhome in Richmond Hill may not be the best option. Houses for sale in Richmond Hill tend to have private outdoor living spaces. 

Do you need private parking or are you fine with shared parking lots?

Some prospective home buyers naturally need more private parking space than others. You may need private parking if you: 

  • Have more than one vehicle 
  • Often have several visitors at your home with their own vehicles
  • Own your own recreational vehicles, such as a boat or RV, that needs a place for parking and storage

Most townhomes do not have private parking; they have a shared parking lot or even curbside parking. Therefore, Richmond Hill houses for sale may be better if you have specific parking needs or just prefer to park in your own parking area. 

Have you ever lived in Richmond Hill apartments?

In a lot of ways, living in a townhome is a lot like living in an apartment. You share walls with neighbors, you live in close proximity with several other people, and you may have shared amenities. If you found apartment life enjoyable, you may also enjoy townhomes more so than Richmond Hill houses.

Richmond Hill has a population of just over 195,000 people, so there are many housing opportunities to consider as a home buyer, and townhouses will be one of your options. The more consideration you give to whether you will be happy in a townhouse for sale in Richmond Hill, the more likely it will be that you are satisfied with your end decision. Reach out to the Suzy Goldstein Team for help with tracking down the best home options for you in Richmond Hill. 

Suzy Goldstein

September 12, 2019